VonShef Soup Maker Review

Introducing the VonShef Soup Maker…  VonShef is a well-known brand. It always provides quality and functionality in its product. And this Soup Maker is no exception.  It’s a strictly budget option that still manages to steal the show.  It’s priced well and is among the best reviewed soup makers out there.

VonShef Soup MakerThe VonShef Soup Maker

Below, we are going to review this product ourselves and see what makes it so special. This soup maker has created quite a fuss since its release and we are going to find out whether its worth all the hype or not.

Key Features

Convenience at its Best

All you need to do with this handy machine is cut up you ingredients and put them in the soup maker. Choose your options (by which we mean soup consistency) as this machine lets you make both chunky and smooth soups, and off you go.  Once underway it can make up to four servings in just 25 minutes.

The VonShef Soup Maker comes with an easy to use control panel and an LED Display. The timer lets you see the remaining time before your soup is ready. It comes with a simple recipe book that helps get you started. This 800W Soup Maker features a blender on the lid meanin that it can also doubl up as a smoothie machine.  This is actually a multi-functional device that can also work as a steamer and a boiler.  It can cook and blend vegetables, in line with your ideal consistency, on auto-pilot.

It’s priced a little lower than some of its close competitors and is definitely worth considering. It has some really good features for the price.


A Multi-Functional Option

This is a multi-functional device that can make soups, smoothies, boiled eggs (thanks to the egg steaming attachment) and so much more. It has a maximum capacity of 1.6lLitres which is enough to provide six servings at a time. Its powerful enough to crush ice and very simple to use.  This model also features an overflow alert and anti-dry function to prevent unnecessary damage to the machine and your kitchen.

Although the soup machine is not dishwasher safe, it’s easy to use. You can just clean it with a sponge, rinse and wipe dry.

It’s a competitively priced product that looks great n any kitchen. For someone who is looking to buy a kettle shaped soup maker, this is for you.

It performs flawlessly, has a self-explanatory control panel, comes with a handy user manual, and can prepare soup in around 20 minutes, which is much quicker than the traditional way.

Its also been praised on ITV’s This Morning and by Good Housekeeping for its functionality and looks.


  • Budget Orientated: This is a budget option. If you don’t want to spend too much want a reliable option, this is it. The VonShef Soup Maker is easy to use and will last for years.
  • 1.6 Litre Capacity: This is great for a medium sized family as it can prepare up to six servings of soup at a time.
  • 800W Power Unit: This soup machine can do a lot more than just making soups which is achieved with the help of its powerful 800 Watt motor.
  • Multifunctional Device: This machine’s capabilities are not only limited to making soups. It can also make smoothies, boil eggs, mix cocktails, make desserts and baby food too.
  • Three Control Systems: VonShef soup machine is very easy to use. It doesn’t feature any complex button or features, just a straightforward three button control system that takes care of everything.
  • Useful Recipe Book: The VonShef Soup Maker inspires you to put your cooking skills to test as it comes with a really good recipe book that contains over 50 recipes. If you don’t know where to start, the recipe book provides plenty of tasty options.

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What Customers Think

The VonShef Soup Maker has generally received very positive reviews all over the internet. Although there are some users that clearly said this soup machine didn’t exceed their expectations it’s still an absolute winner. There are over 392 reviews submitted on Amazon. Out of these, almost 300 gave the VonShef a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars. Users seem to be very pleased with its ease of use and how easy it is to clean.

For a budget based soup machine, the VonSheft 800W certainly has some great features. It works great, especially when it comes to making creamy soups apparently. It does the job of soup maker, blender and smoothie maker all in one, which has been praised by reviewers.

The product has been praised all over which is clear from the many reviews, even the few negative ones.

VonShef Soup Maker – Conclusion

For £34.99, this is a great buy. You are not getting top of the line features here but it’s more than acceptable for the price tag. It’s one of the most basic models you can find, but it works like a charm and comes with a one year warranty.

The VonShef Soup Maker is a well-priced product that is worth considering if you don’t want to spend too much. It gives you just about the most bang for your buck of all of the budget to mid-range soup makers that we’ve reviewed. There is not a single complain about its reliability. It’s a fast and simple to use product.  It doesn’t have many fancy features, but it won’t disappoint you for the price.  If you want quick homemade soup this will do the job every time.

At the time of review it was REDUCED from £59.99 to £34.99.